Dr. Tidwell

Dr. Wylie Tidwell, III

Pebblebrook High School, 2020

I grew up in South Central Los Angeles. My school had many issues, which included gangs, drugs, lack of funding, and perpetual prejudice and stereotyping by my faculty and staff. I found teaching by accident, but I made a promise to change the stigmas associated with students that attend Title one school as a beacon of hope that they too can walk out. Shortly after completing my doctorate, I noticed I was not living up to my promise to my self as a teen, working in Higher Education, and then started looking for work in the k-12 public sector. After years of taking GACE exams, working towards the completion of the GaTaPP program -I am still here at Pebblebrook (Wheeler High school starting the Fall of 2020) looking to make a change.

I have many students that remind me of myself, and I think this is what allows me to uplift many of my students as I see greatness in all of them. My motto is and will always be “students first through a student’s voice” as they are the center of what it means to be a teacher and the joy. My intents now that I have completed GaTaPP is to continue the flooding of our community with active and aware citizens that will take our society to great heights beyond our time on this beautify the earth.

Thank you again, and the Marathon Continues!