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What We Stand For

The mission of Georgia’s Statewide Network of Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESAs) is to support the work, improvement, and effectiveness of local systems and schools

Our Programs and Services

Metro RESA provides an Environment for Educators to Grow & Excel


Professional Learning

Research-based professional learning that improves the work of educators

School Improvement Support

Data-driven school improvement support that improves student achievement


Shared Services

Locally-determined shared regional services that increase the effectiveness of school systems

Research and Planning

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Assessment and Evaluation

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Effective Collaboration

Effective collaboration with other agencies that maximizes the impact of statewide initiatives

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

This classroom-based teacher preparation option is designed for individuals who have the basic qualifications to teach but have not completed a teacher preparation program as part of their college degree.

The pedagogy-focused program provides the skills, knowledge and dispositions required to obtain a Professional Teaching Certificate. Candidates complete requirements of the program while employed as full-time classroom teachers.

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The Metro RESA iLEAD program is a PSC approved Alternative Educational Leadership Certification and Preparation program for school and system leaders. Systems recommend potential candidates who are working in a leadership position for at least half a day every day. The term leadership position refers to those positions requiring leadership certification as determined by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The iLEAD program is a one year job-embedded program providing authentic work in a real time setting. Metro RESA is an approved provider for both Tier I and Tier II certification.  

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Endorsements prepare pre- or in-service educators to teach in particular subject areas in Georgia public Schools Systems. Metro RESA offers many PSC-approved Endorsements.

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This is a 50 hour college level course that prepares candidates to work collaboratively with families and school personnel to have a positive impact on the educational, social and behavioral development of all students, including those with a full range of disabilities, in a diverse society. The course focuses on knowledge of legislative mandates for serving exceptional students, characteristics of exceptionality, best practice in facilitating teaching and learning, and accountability through assessment of outcomes. Fulfills Georgia HB 671 requirement.  

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Our Director

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What Our Educators are Saying

“Metro RESA was really fantastic. The information they shared was so useful in the classroom. Everyone there was so caring. Each class was full of awesome information and was laid out in a great way. I most definitely learned new information from the coursework, and it clicked for me because I could connect what I was learning with my classroom experience.”

Audrey Waters, Dance teacher at Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy


“I have learned so much during the year with GaTAPP, which has made me more confident than I had ever imagined being in the classroom. It is a lot of work, but you learn so much because they are holding you accountable and you get to apply what you learn every single day.”


Mrs. JaLynda Drumgoole, 2nd grade teacher at Hendricks Elementary School in Cobb County

“Metro RESA was a great asset. All of the official lessons and the unofficial lessons I learned helped me get me to this point.”

Jairus Hallums, Teacher of the Year at Shiloh Middle School

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Other Georgia RESA’s

The Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) is comprised of 16 regional educational service agencies strategically located in service districts throughout the State of Georgia. The agencies were established for the purpose of sharing services designed to improve the effectiveness of the educational programs of member school systems. In addition, the RESAs assist the State Department of Education in promoting its initiatives. The RESAs inform systems of innovation and gather research on programs as needed.