Metro RESA


Teacher Leader Endorsement


(150 Contact Hours)


Metro RESA offers a PSC approved Teacher Leader Endorsement. The Teacher Leader Endorsement requires candidates to acquire the knowledge and demonstrate the ability to promote the success of all students by: 1.) Facilitating a continuous change process to improve the educational program through facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a shared school or system vision of learning supported by the school community; 2.) Promoting a positive school culture, providing an effective instructional program based on Georgia standards, applying research-based best practice to student learning, and designing comprehensive professional growth plans for staff.

Candidates applying to enroll in the Teacher Leader Endorsement Program must meet the following qualifications: 

1. Hold an Induction, Professional, Advanced Professional or Lead Professional Georgia Certificate in any teaching, service or leadership field.

  1. Have a minimum 2.5 GPA from their latest degree program. 
  2. Have completed at least three years of successful teaching experience.
  3. Be recommended for participation in the Endorsement by their employing principal and the system-level designee. 
  4. Possess skill and experience in using technology for instructional and professional work.

The competencies addressed in this course are those identified by the Professional Standards Commission for the Teacher Leader Endorsement Program (505-3-.73) and are correlated to the Georgia School Keys and the Standards for Advanced Programs in Educational Leadership approved by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).



Course 1:  A Foundation for Teacher Leadership is designed to provide and extend Candidates’ knowledge of the leadership process by examining theory and research relating to leadership, motivation, facilitating change, communicating effectively, team building, and creating and sustaining professional learning communities.  Candidates will explore, discuss, and apply theory and research through assignments and activities.  



Course 2: Working with Teachers to Improve Instruction is designed to provide Candidates with knowledge of research, theory and methods of effective instruction.  Candidates will have opportunities to assist teachers with a) analyzing and utilizing data for instruction, b) creating and delivering standards-based lessons, and c) assessing instructional effectiveness.  Candidates will also practice instructional coaching.



Course 3: Teacher Leadership in Action is a performance-based course that provides Candidates opportunities to practice under the supervision of a practicing teacher leader.  Candidates will apply theory and research through completing a list of required activities associated with teacher leaders.




More Endorsements:


STEM Endorsement classes will consist of K-12 teachers who teach a variety of STEM fields. There will be opportunities to differentiate the tasks across K-12 grade levels and STEM disciplines. Attention will be paid to the vertical alignment of the standards presented.

Student Support Team (SST) Endorsement

The Metro RESA SST Endorsement is an endorsement for Georgia teachers. Candidates explore the history and foundations of the RTI/MTSS, the problem-solving model, and develop plans for a successful implementation. 

Online Teaching

Each course is designed to strengthen participant knowledge, skill set, and disposition toward online teaching. As participants transition through the courses, they will experience a gradual release toward proficiency for online teaching and learning.


The Dyslexia Endorsement at Metro RESA is a GaPSC approved preparation program that provides approved candidates with the coursework and related field experience required to add the Dyslexia Endorsement to a current standard Georgia Professional Certificate. 

English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The Metro RESA ESOL Endorsement prepares educators to demonstrate competency in addressing the instructional, language, and cultural needs of students whose first language is not English in the Georgia Public Schools.


Metro RESA offers a PSC approved Gifted In-Field Endorsement designed to train Candidates to identify and teach gifted students from a variety of cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds. This program ensures that its graduates have in-depth knowledge of teaching the gifted and talented students.

K-5 Mathematics

The Metro RESA K-5 Mathematics Endorsement is designed to strengthen and enhance teacher pedagogical and content knowledge in mathematics. The endorsement provides candidates the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of K – 5 mathematics content and beyond. 


Metro RESA offers a PSC approved add-on Reading Endorsement.  The Metro RESA Reading Endorsement prepares educators to demonstrate competency at assessing students literacy needs and planning appropriate for the needs of students in Georgia Public School classrooms.

Teacher Leader

Metro RESA offers a PSC approved Teacher Leader Endorsement. The Teacher Leader Endorsement requires candidates to acquire the knowledge and demonstrate the ability to promote the success of all students.

K-5 Science

The K-5 Science Endorsement consists of the equivalent of three courses and an authentic residency/field experience when combined totals 200 contact hours. Up to fifty percent of the class can be face to face and up to 50% online.